Watch German Shepherd Puppy’s Journey In Bravely Overcoming Paralysis

A German Shepherd named Rocky that suffers from a form of paralysis has touched hearts all over the internet after a video of his journey overcoming his condition was shared by his parents.

The internet world celebrated what Rocky accomplished in 2022 despite his condition. And of course, the clip went viral on social media. Everybody likes a success story, especially if it involves an adorable German Shepherd puppy.

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Rocky’s dad shared the inspiring video on TikTok early this month under the username @Rockyivanov.

It shows Rocky’s journey from being a puppy and learning how to walk — getting massages and therapies — to being a young, big-sized dog. The clip ended with Rocky being able to run and jump in the snow.

The clip was packed with kisses and cuddles from the German shepherd’s parents. The touching video is a celebration of Rocky’s progress while overcoming straight-leg syndrome (SLS).

SLS is a debilitating condition that makes the dog’s hind legs stiff. This left Rocky unable to move his legs. According to Dog Wheelchair Life, “it’s a common belief that this type of disability in dogs is due to a problem with the adductor muscles in the thighs.”

Dogs suffering from SLS have the muscles in their legs pulling tightly together, leaving them paralyzed.

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Since there’s still no clear explanation as to what causes this birth defect, there are a couple of theories. The first is that it is a “neurologic mutation deformity,” meaning that this condition starts in the central nervous system. The second is that it comes from a single-cell parasite called Neospora caninum, which is known to cause aborted pregnancies in canines.

Currently, there is no medication or surgery able to repair legs that freeze or are paralyzed in a straight position.

Photo Credit: @rockyivanov (TikTok)

The heartwarming video was captioned: “And with that, the 2022 season comes to an end goodnight.” Followed by: “So proud of our baby, can’t wait to see what he overcomes in 2023.”

Whatever it is, we’re rooting for you, Rocky!

Source: Newsweek

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