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Watch How This ‘Thicc’ Golden Retriever Gets A Lot More Treats [Video]



  • Kaia the golden retriever has been putting on some pounds, which baffled her owner.
  • They soon found out that Finn, Kaia’s human toddler brother, has been giving her extra treats!
  • Within just a few minutes, Finn made several trips to personally hand deliver the food to the lounging Kaia.

Pet parents love their fur babies dearly, which can often lead to pampering by giving them extra treats. And while spoiling pets with food scores extra points, overfeeding can lead to them getting overweight. One pet parent wasn’t the source of their golden retriever’s extra pounds, however, so they started to wonder how she’s been gaining more weight.

Photo Credit: TikTok/kodaandfriends

Kaia’s owner shared a video on TikTok showing her laying on the bed. In the video’s text overlay, they share how they’ve been wondering why she has been getting “a little thicc.”

It turns out that Kaia has unexpectedly gained weight, and they had no idea why.

As the video went on, it soon became clear what had happened.


This was over the space of a couple of minutes 😂😂 ♬ Cancan – As des As

The 2-year-old Kaia has been getting a lot more treats than usual — and the culprit is her human toddler brother, Finn!

The diaper-clad Finn was caught on camera giving extra treats to his canine best friend.

Finn makes a total of five trips in the course of the video. Eventually, Koda the Belgian Malinois caught on and wanted in on the extra treats, too!

Photo Credit: TikTok/kodaandfriends

The hilarious video has since been viewed over 2.9 million times, with viewers asking Finn to give Koda more treats, too. It turns out that Koda kept following Finn to get more food, while Kaia didn’t even have to work hard — she had a treat dispenser who hand delivered the food to her!

Kaia’s owner would probably crack down on the extra food deals, however, to make sure Kaia maintains a healthy weight.


In the meantime, we can enjoy knowing the fact that Finn and his canine siblings have each other’s backs.

Source: Daily Paws