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Watch the magical reunion between a boy and his missing dog [Video]



  • A beloved dog’s disappearance leads to a broken-hearted 11-year-old boy.
  • A fireman and dog rescuer finds the missing dog and locates the rightful owner.
  • A tearful reunion between the boy and the dog mended broken hearts.

Losing a dog is a painful experience.  You wait for good news at the same time brace yourself for the bad news.  Fortunately, this one ends in a joyful reunion.

Leandro’s beloved dog and best friend, Mili, has gone missing in their neighborhood in Brazil.  His world has shattered.  They scoured everywhere and Mill was nowhere to be found.

Video Credit: Juninho Giugni

Unknown to him, local fireman Juninho Giugni found a lost dog wearing a cleaned sweater in his area across town from Leandro’s.

Photo Credit: Juninho Giugni

Giugni had a hunch that the dog was someone’s missing pet and so he decided to take care of the dog until he located its owners.  He asked around if anyone lost a dog with descriptions fitting the dog that he rescued and found out that Leandro and his family were searching for their lost dog.

Not long after, he was able to track Leandro’s family and decided to drive down to return the dog.

Photo Credit: Juninho Giugni

Heartbroken Leandro was out in front waiting but soon he cried tears of relief upon seeing Mili. Everybody was thrilled at the sight of the lost dog and crying owner seeing each other again. “Their reunion was magical,” Giugni said. 

Photo Credit: Juninho Giugni

Giugni often aids in looking for lost and distressed pets and by returning Mili to Leandro and his family, he feels that he has healed broken hearts— Leandro’s and Mili’s.  It was special.

Source: The Dodo