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Watch These Labrador Retrievers Figure Out How Their Water Fountain Works [Video]



  • TikTok user @colledamonick chronicles her two dogs’ determination to figure out how their water fountain works.
  • The first video which has gained more than 7 million views shows how the two press the activating paddle with their nose and not their paws.
  • The videos that followed show the progress of the two dogs now using their nose and paw to catch the water as it shoots up.

When the hot summer days sizzle, we all need a splash of water or a deluge even.  For chocolate Labradors, Banjo and Moose, it is a water fountain.  But they have been trying to figure out how to make it work and make the water shoot up.

In a series of TikTok videos of @colledamoick, the dogs learn how the fountain works and have fun while doing it.

@colledamonick Figuring out the water fountain #chocolatelabsoftiktok #dogfountain ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Their water fountain is the one that is attached to the end of a garden hose. To operate, the dogs only have to step on the activating paddle for the water to shoot up and they can drink from it.

But the duo doesn’t like it easy.  They have devised their own fun way to do it: let the nose do the job instead of the feet.  Press with the nose then catch the water with the mouth!


Update: Still trying…😂 ♬ Jackass – TV Theme Players

The degree of success varies depending on the teamwork between the two.  One brother pressed his nose too hard that his brother got a mouthful.

One commenter cannot help but admire how the two pups solved the puzzle: “It’s really cool to get to just observe a couple of doggos actively learning something brand new. They’ll figure it out.”

@colledamonick Wait for it 🙈🐾 #chocolatelabsoftiktok #cantheydoit #summervibes ♬ Rocky (Main Theme) – The Intermezzo Orchestra

And the following videos of one doggo catching the water on his own using his nose and of one pressing the paddle with his paw upon his mom’s prodding, prove that the duo got it.

With the first video gaining more than 7 million views, it is most likely to attract more viewers as the dogs perfect the strategy.

Whatever method the two pups use, the most important thing is that they stay hydrated.  Good job, Banjo and Moose!

Source: Daily Paws