Watch This Adorable Dog Copies All Her Mom’s Yoga Poses [Video]

  • A video of a dog doing yoga poses with her mom beside her has already gained millions of views.
  • The dog, Secret, started training under her mom when she was just between one and two years old.
  • Secret was not just her mom’s yoga partner but also her best friend and service dog.

Not everyone knows yoga, especially the canine kind even when there are poses named after them.  But Secret, the Australian Shepard, can follow her mom’s poses correctly and her video has gone viral.  Viewers are now hooked.

The video, originally posted by her mom, Mary Peters on Instagram is captioned “Some more simple morning Doga”.  It shows Secret performing a downward dog, three-legged dog, cobra pose, and child’s pose, along with her mom to peaceful music.

Mary further wrote, “Secret has been working on the last pose for a while now, but I think she’s finally gotten the hang of it! At first, she had a hard time holding her paws without rolling onto one side or the other, but she’s learned how to keep her balance.”

The yoga sessions began when Mary received a fun picture book on “Doga” from a friend. She thought that she and Secret could do it. And so, she started training Secret when the pup was between the ages of one and two.

The American Kennel Club describes Aussies as “remarkably intelligent, quite capable of hoodwinking an unsuspecting novice owner” and “a brainy, tireless, and trainable partner for work or sport.”  It is no wonder why Secret was able to do everything her mom teaches her.

Mary said, “Secret is a super-smart Aussie. We hike every day and work on tricks most days as well, the mental effort is what really tires her out. She is more chill than most Aussies, but still very active.”

The duo was not only yoga partners but best friends. And having been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, Secret was also Mary’s service dog. 

Mary and Secret’s video became viral in 2021. Sadly, Secret passed away in May of 2022 due to leukemia. Run with the angels now, Secret.

Source: Newsweek

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That was enjoyable to watch. Pets are great!