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Watch this dog’s heartwarming reaction when he learns he’s going to see grandma [Video]



  • An Australian cattle dog was on a road trip with his humans.
  • After being on the road for 20 hours, the dog learned that they were going to see his owner’s parents.
  • His reaction to the fantastic news was caught on video, which was posted on TikTok.

There’s nothing like seeing family to make you feel good. That was particularly true for an Australian Cattle Dog, who was ecstatic to learn where his owners were bringing him on their road trip.


The other video got a “sensitive content warning” because of the end… but why?? 😂 #repost #dogsofttiktok #dogs #australiancattledog #blueheeler #acd #heeler #cattledog ♬ original sound – Sky.Q

@sky.q uploaded the video on TikTok, in which she captured her dog Nosh at the same moment she told him the happy news.

“After 20 hours in the car, we finally told him where we are going,” read the text on the video. 

“Do you want to see Savta and Boppa?” she asks in the video, referring to grandmother and grandfather by their Hebrew titles.

That was the magic phrase. 


The dog’s reaction is priceless. 

@emeraldllamamaddy commented, “He’s like, ‘wait are you guys serious???’” 

“He was telling you to run that red light,” joked @boybussy.

“I see why you waited until the 20th hour to relay this information,” @Kankaliciouss added.

One commenter, @meggylizajane wrote, “Please tell me y’all were close when you told him.”

@sky.q replied to this comment saying they were just 5 minutes away – fantastic news for Nosh, who appeared to be about to jump out of the car.

In a later video, @sky.q posted another clip of Nosh’s remarkable bond with her parents. The video shows her pooch faithfully waiting for mom Savta to return from an excursion outside the house.

When Savta arrives, Nosh bursts out crying.


“He is so happy to see them! ” @sky.q captioned the video.

Source: Pet Helpful