“We Got You” Chihuahua Assures Handicapped Brother [Video]

  • Mateo is a special needs dog that was adopted by Veronica Pinscht.
  • Pinscht’s dogs, Mojo and Rana, welcomed Mateo into their home and formed a bond to teach each other skills and protect each other.
  • Mojo the Chihuahua is part of Mateo’s training to help him get used to using his prosthetic leg.

When you have support from a loved one, there is nothing that you cannot and will not do. For dog siblings, Mojo, Rana and Mateo, having each other and their mom make all the difference in the world.

@verpinscht Mojo loves to take care of his handicapped brother during our walk. wait for then hugging ❤️ #fy #fürdich #siblings #minpin #schäferhund #shepherd ♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

Mateo was found abandoned and missing a paw. From Greece, he was transported to Germany to get experienced foster care and that’s where Pinscht saw him. 

Photo Credit: Veronica Pinscht

Pinscht recalled, “I was in love with him right from the start. “[The challenge] was worth it to me.”  She brought home Mateo to her other dogs, Mojo and Rana.

Mojo and Rana came from tragic backgrounds and their immediate acceptance of Matteo may have been a recognition of a kindred soul.  They had an instant bond which made them protective of each other from day one while teaching each other new tricks and skills.

Photo Credit: Veronica Pinscht

Matteo has animal prosthetics which his sibling Mojo has been teaching him to be comfortable with. Mojo has been walking with Matteo since the first day of his prosthetic training and Pinscht decided to make it fun for the pups.

One way is for Mojo to hold Matteo’s leash in his mouth on their walks and another is for Mojo to give Matteo a hug after every walk.  

Photo Credit: Veronica Pinscht

Pinscht said, “This was a lot of fun for Mojo because he was integrated in the training. And Mateo had support from his little big brother.”

The dogs have been traveling with their mom to France, London, Italy, Portugal to explore and to teach and normalize animal prosthetics.

Photo Credit: Veronica Pinscht

As Pinscht concluded, “It’s nice to show the world that a dog like Mateo has fun in life and that prostheses are possible for animals, too. And that rescue dogs rock!”

Source: The Dodo

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