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When 11-Yr-Old with Down Syndrome gets bullied, the country’s President walked her to school



  • Eleven-year-old Embla Ademi of North Macedonia was getting bullied at school because of her Down Syndrome.
  • When the President of the country heard her story, he walked her to school one day.
  • President Stevo Pendarovski talked to Embla’s parents about the challenges she and her family face on a daily basis.

Embla Ademi lives with her family in North Macedonia. The 11-year-old attends elementary school but recently she’s been having a tough time because of bullies who pick on her for having Down syndrome.

Embla’s bullying situation reached the office of North Macedonia’s president. When President Stevo Pendarovski heard about what was happening at Embla’s school, he decided to find a visible way to promote inclusion and equality not just in schools, but nationwide.

Photo Credit: Stevo Pendarovski

In a statement, the North Macedonian government explained, “The President said that the behavior of those who endanger children’s rights is unacceptable, especially when it comes to children with atypical development. They should not only enjoy the rights they deserve but also feel equal and welcome in the school desks and schoolyard. It is our obligation, as a state, but also as individuals, and the key element in this common mission is empathy.”

First, President Pendarovski visited Embla and her family to learn about the challenges they face on a daily basis. They brainstormed solutions and ideas to make life easier for people with Down syndrome. He also gave Embla a few small gifts.

One day, the president and her family walked Embla to school. He proudly escorted Embla to the building, holding hands, and waved as she went inside. He said he wanted to make a public spectacle of supporting Embla because it will not only help her with her bullying issue but could also help society as a whole to become more accepting of others.

Photo Credit: Stevo Pendarovski

“We are all equal in this society. I came here to give my support and to raise awareness that inclusion is a basic principle,” he stated, adding that Embla’s parents have his full support for equal rights. “Prejudices in that context are the main obstacle to building an equal and just society for all.”

President Pendarovski calls it “a legal and moral obligation to provide inclusive education.” He hopes making a public show of support for Embla will ease tensions and encourage others to follow his lead and end prejudicial treatment.


Source: Inspire More