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When War Veteran Sees An Elderly Being Mugged, He Stops The Bus And Confronts Her Attacker! [Video]



  • War veteran Zsolt Kiss Károly now works as a bus driver.
  • Recently, he was driving his usual way when he spotted an elderly woman in distress.
  • She was attacked by a robber and Zsolt did not think twice to help!

When the bus driver saw an elderly woman being robbed, he halted the bus and rushed to help her without hesitation. 

Zsolt Kiss Károly is a war veteran who now makes a living as a bus driver. He once served his country, Iraq, and now he retired and settled in Miskolc, Hungary.

Recently, Zsolt was driving his way in his usual route near the Újgyőr market when he spotted a man who was going to assault an elderly woman walking with her stick in an act like he was about to steal her purse, but she was putting up a fight!

Without second thoughts, he stopped the bus in the middle of the road and rushed out to help the woman. He faced the attacker, pushed him away, and scared him off. He then assisted the woman up the bus. All these were recorded in his bus’ security camera. 

Photo Credit: MiNap online

Although she was obviously shaken by what happened, she was fortunately not injured. Later on, the police officers identified her attacker — a 27-year-old who’s now faced with criminal charges.

For Zsolt, he was just in the right place at the right time and did what was needed to be done in such circumstances. Matter of fact, it wasn’t the first time he saved someone from a mishap so he already knew exactly what to do.

Photo Credit: MiNap online

“I saw a young man sneak after the lady, suggesting that it would be a robbery,” he said. “I had to take action, but I couldn’t leave it at that. I crossed the bus so that if there was a brawl, no one could fall in front of the cars. Fortunately, the incident was also recorded by the cameras on the bus.”

In these difficult days, we need more of Zsolt in the world! It may only be just a normal part of his day to day life, it means a lot to the world!

Source: Inspire More