Whole Community Gives Dying Dog Her Last Snow Day In Summer

  • A dying dog’s owner made a plea for his dying dog to experience rolling in the snow.
  • A local ice rink and the community got together to pile snow even in the middle of summer.
  • After enjoying the snow, Brook the dog took her last breath surrounded by his family.

Brooke the dog is terminally ill.  Her dad, Reddit user, Canadianbuilt, would like her to experience one of her greatest joys of rolling in the snow.  And so, he posted an announcement and an appeal on the platform.  And a whole community came through for the dying dog.  

The challenge was where to find snow in the middle of summer.

Commenters sent their well wishes and suggestions on where to bring Brooke to find snow.  But a staff at the local indoor ice rink, Bowness Sportsplex, saw Canadianbuilt’s post and quickly moved heaven and earth, in this case, snow.   

Canadianbuilt wrote, “[They] immediately started piling snow outside for us.”  And the family also did not waste time bringing Brooke to the spot where the pup began enjoying the snow on her fur, face and paws.

“After we got back from laying on the snow, my girlfriend carried her out of the truck and onto the lawn on the front yard where it was nice and shady, and she loved to hang out so much,” Canadianbuilt updated on his post. “She laid there for a few hours while we said our goodbyes, and she gave us kisses, and then she went. I cried like I’ve never cried before […]”

Brooke has given her love and life for her family and community’s happiness.  In the end, making her happy with their gesture was their chance to reciprocate.

As her owner wrote, “Rest well, Brooke. We won’t forget you.”

Source: The Dodo

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What a great thing you did!! A Final gift !!! I am still crying !!