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Wild Horse, Separated From Her Twin Foals, Was Delighted To See Them Again



  • The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) corral witnessed an extremely rare thing in horses.
  • Wild horse Elsa bore twins and they are both healthy.
  • Elsa and her twins are now in the care of Skydog Ranch.

Seldom do we see a mare having twin foals. More so, with both of them surviving.

But the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) corral has witnessed this rare amazing thing for the first time when Elsa—a wild horse taken into their care—has given birth to two young ones one morning.

She did it all by herself.

This is an extremely rare case—in fact, it is considered one in every 10,000 possibilities—and it is even more unusual when the mare and foals survive the birth.

In the case of Elsa, it is most remarkable she and her two foals miraculously survived even without the help of a vet.

The staff at the BLM knew that Elsa and her twins can get use of some extra care so they sought help from founder of Skydog Ranch, Clare Staples who said, “One of them was much smaller and weaker than the other one and they were worried about them surviving so they asked us to take the mare and the two twins,” Clare told The Dodo. “We were just thrilled.”

Clare immediately flew to meet the horses where they are being held in Oregon. Upon meeting Elsa, she made a promise to her. “I talked to her and told her, ‘You’re gonna get out and you’re gonna keep your babies and everything’s going to be OK. Hang in there,’”  Clare said.

However, right after her visit, Elsa was handpicked to be in a spay experiment that would separate her from her twins forever. Clare tried to persuade the corral staff to exempt Elsa but they seem to have decided firmly.

After a few months,  Clare received a call from BLM proposing that she adopt Elsa. Her foals who were adopted separately would then follow.

 It was a very touching reunion when Elsa and her twins met again.


“The first little twin arrived and Elsa wasn’t really sure if that was her baby because they had been separated for a couple of months by then,” Clare recounted. “But when the second baby arrived, she was completely transformed. She was nuzzling them, nosing them and following them and showing them their new home.”

“It was just the most beautiful thing,” Clare added. “And they really haven’t left her side since.”

Soon, they will create a family band for Elsa and her twin foals with more additional horses to their family and they then would live in thousands of acres of land as if they are wild for the rest of their lives.

For now, the sanctuary just let the twins be with their mom while they are still very young. “They’re very playful and adventurous and curious,” Clare said. “But if ever they are nervous, they’ll just run back to her.”

“It’s a really beautiful dynamic,” she added.

Source: The Dodo