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Woman Leaves Neighbor A Note Asking Permission To Pet Their Dog



  • Sarah Elkins requested permission to pet this adorable dog from a residence near her office.
  • For months, she wanted to request permission but was unable to run into the animal’s owners, so she hanged a note on their gate.
  • The permission was posted outside, waiting for her the following morning.

Sarah Elkins’ highlight for each morning is this adorable dog hanging out near her place of work. She is eager to pet her but wanted permission first. The animal looked happy enough, playing outside. She approached her and the animal seemed enthusiastic about it. She just couldn’t pet her before said permission is granted.

 “I started telling her she was a pretty girl, and soon she started sticking her nose through the fence and wagging her tail, but I never wanted to intrude on her space,” Sarah said.

On occasion, she goes outside her office to walk around. This particular day, she needed something that could cheer her up. She walked towards the residence and noticed that the dog’s face is looking at her, and that decided things. She decided to request for permission to pet the animal.

 “[She] saw me come out of my office door from her yard and greeted me at the gate with a full body wag and a smile,” Sarah said. “I couldn’t take it anymore and ran back to the office to print the sign.” 

She wanted to request for permission from the family. She hanged a note on the gate, making sure that the persons inside the house could see it. From there, she crossed her fingers and hoped that the answer would be yes.

The following morning, she woke up earlier than usual because she wanted to check if she could pet the dog with permission. She was more than excited to find a response posted, waiting for her.

“Of course,” the note reads.

The note mentioned other details, including the dog’s name. His name is Sparrow. She waited for months before she could be able to pet her.

“I was a little nervous that the answer would be no, but it wasn’t,” Sarah said. “Even better, Sparrow was there with her tail wagging so fast it moved her whole body side to side.”

Now, she could hang out with her every morning. Plus, some more. Every chance she gets, she could spend time hanging out outside with the animal. Sparrow is spending lesser time outside because of the recent heatwave. Even so, she is always excited to greet her new friend. 

“Sometimes she will even put her paws on the fence to get a hug,” Sarah said. 

Source: The Dodo