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Women’s Month: Be Inspired By These Women Who Made A Difference [Video]



  • These women on the list show that you do not have to be superwoman to influence others.
  • Women show that they can be from all walks of life with different pursuits and be empowered.
  • Let these women’s lives be the light in these trying times.

March is Women’s Month.  We take our hats off to these empowered women who defied odds, took on challenges, emerged triumphant, and brought light to women and men.

  1. Chicago news anchor Tanja Babich

When her daughter was embarrassed to wear her glasses to school, this mom wore her specs on-air to show solidarity to her daughter.

Photo Credit: ABC7
  1. Holocaust survivor and 100-year-old Gymnast Agnes Keleti

To survive the holocaust and still have the energy of women more than half her age at 100, is exceptional.  She even holds the record for the oldest female Olympic gold medalist.

  1. Indigenous woman and Tiktok Influencer Tia Wood

Her perceptive videos show her indigenous roots and culture. In one, she recites a poem by Nadia McGhee “Brown Eyes’ ‘ while another shows her helping her daughter dress in their Plains Cree traditional clothing.


My momma ❤️ #mom #indigenous #browneyes #fyp #powwow #motherwnddaughter #nativeamerican ♬ original sound – Christi Steyn

  1. Astronaut-turned-geologist Kathy Sullivan

She is not only the first American woman to walk in space in 1984 but she is also the eighth person to ever explore the deepest known point in the ocean, Challenger Deep, in 2020.

  1. Miss USA and Army Captain Deshauna Barber

She was bullied for her “lanky” frame while growing up.  She refused to give up on beauty pageants even when ending as Miss Virginia, Miss District of Columbia, and Miss Virginia International until she finally won the title of Miss USA.

Photo Credit: Deshauna Barber
  1. Prima Ballerina With Dementia Marta C. Gonzales

Marta C. Gonzales developed Alzheimer’s in her later years but her Prima Ballerina training naturally showed up when a snippet of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” was played.

  1. Medical Doctors Cynthia Kudji and daughter, Jasmine Kudji

Mom Cynthia had to raise her daughter Jasmine and dropped plans for medical school.  But when Jasmine wanted to become a doctor, she enrolled too and they ended up finishing medical school together.

  1. ER Nurse Jodi Damrow

She witnessed an accident on her way to her daughter’s wedding.  Even dressed to the nines, she performed her duty to save a passenger’s life and still attended the wedding after.

Photo Credit: Hailey Krull
  1. Aerial gymnast Jen Bricker-Bauer

Jen was born without legs but her “Never say can’t” motto powered her to be an aerial gymnast and international public speaker.

  1. Woman With Down Syndrome Sofia Jirau

Sofia shows the world that she owns the catwalk and opens up the fashion industry to inclusivity.

Source: Inspire More