You’ll Laugh When You See What This Dog Used As A Pillow! [Video]

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  • Dax and Zel were sleeping peacefully on a couch when their mom noticed their hilarious sleeping position.
  • Zel looked so comfy using Dax’s precious jewels as her pillow!
  • Viewers can’t help but laugh at the scene, which Zel’s mom called “not lady-like.”

Meet the adorable pit bull trio: Dax, Ninja, and Zel.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Mita

The three dogs have been doing their usual canine shenanigans, but recently, Dax and Zel went viral on social media for their hilarious sleeping position.

Their mom, Mita, shared a video of the two American pit bull terriers sleeping peacefully on the couch.

Zel looked very comfortable as she rested her head on an unusual pillow: Dax’s balls!

Mita captioned the video, “Uhm that is not lady like ma’am!! Balls are not a pillow.”

The video has received over 965,000 likes on Instagram.

Some viewers agreed that such a sleeping position was not very lady-like. Viewer brondum97 commented, “Hmmmm maybe not ladylike mom, but it’s so comfy.”

Meanwhile, ancyboelter shifted the focus to Dax’s sleeping position. Ripstarsf agreed: “It’s all good until he farts….then the loyalty is tested.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/Mita

Some joked that Zel was simply “guarding” Dax’s precious jewels. User brian_chappurtin said: “She guarding them thangs.” Viewer anemorone wrote, “If this is not love I don’t know what is.” Backroadtherapy added: “She’s a keeper and he knows it!!”

Other viewers hilariously described it as relationship goals. Queenbebe44 commented, “Taking Naps with your Man Goals.” Maegarazzi added, “If I can’t sleep just like that with my man, I don’t want it.”

Pet care expert Rover stated that dogs do feel love for their owners and other dogs, and express it through their behavior.

While they don’t share our notion of romantic love, they show behavior depicting devotion and passion. Studies show that they also have oxytocin, also known as “the love hormone,” which is released in their brains during positive interactions with humans and dog partners.

Rover stated, “Your dog may not fantasize about a romantic dinner date or walking down the aisle, but they can form intense, lasting bonds to other animals.”

Source: Newsweek

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