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3 Brothers Who Promised Dying Mom They’d Live Healthier Lives, Lost Over 100 Pounds Each



  • When their mother died of diabetes complications and kidney failure, they promised her they’d live healthier lives.
  • So the three brothers started to lose weight and although there were a lot of challenges, they got back to their feet and are on their way to success.
  • Thanks to a total stranger who did not hesitate to help them when they were at the lowest point of their lives.

Rudy, Gus, and Abe Penas’ mother died of diabetes complications and kidney failure. But before she passed away, the three brothers promised her that they will live a healthier life moving onwards. 

About five years forward, each of them had lost over 100 pounds and then they started a business close to their heart — offering healthy food options around their community in Houston.

Photo Credit: Abe Pena

“That really opened my eyes, that I needed to get it together,” their oldest brother, Abe Pena, 35, recalled to GMA about their mother’s death. “She always told me to take care of myself and I couldn’t let her down.”

They were in their early 20’s at that time and their father had left them years back so they had to live on their own after their mom died. They also lost their home and had to crash over a friend’s couch, or sleep in the car.

Photo Credit: Abe Pena

Then a total stranger heard of their struggles and helped them get back on to their feet. They were given $4,000 so they could get a house. And from then on, they worked hard to fulfill their promise!

“My mom was in her early 50s when she passed away, and I thought I didn’t want to be in my mom’s predicament,” said Gus. “If I have kids, I want to see them grow. I want to know my grandchildren. I want to live life to the fullest.”

Photo Credit: Abe Pena

They worked together, motivated each other, and helped put up Abe’s delivery business of healthy food — it was an idea he had when he first started making healthier food for her mom back then.

Abe’s Fitty Foods offers homemade packed meals. Along with their continuing weight loss is their growing business which their mom would for sure be very proud of. 

Photo Credit: Abe Pena

“She told me, ‘Don’t give up. Keep at it in life. Take care of your brothers for me. Your idea of Abe’s Fitty Foods is going somewhere,’” Abe recalled. “She made me promise, and I did.”

Rudy, the youngest brother at 24, has lost so much weight from  320 pounds down to 215 pounds now. 

“I think most people don’t understand a weight loss journey is a journey,” he said. “You go up and down, not straight down.”

“My piece of advice is to keep trying,” he added.

Source: Good Morning America