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Baby’s First Word Inspired by Family Dog’s Unique Walk



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  • Rupert, a family dog known for his unique hopping on walks, has influenced a baby’s first word.
  • The baby’s first word, “jump,” was inspired by watching Rupert’s antics during their walks.
  • The TikTok video showcasing this adorable interaction has garnered over 1.7 million views and 170,300 likes.

Although i’m pretty sure Ted think Ruperts name is jump 😅 #jumpingdog #motherhood #baby #dog #dogandbaby #fyp #foryou

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Children are like little sponges, absorbing everything around them as they explore their surroundings. And it’s not just humans that can leave a lasting impression on them – pets can too!

One family’s dog, Rupert, is no stranger to the limelight. He’s been a social media sensation for years due to his unique hopping habit during walks. But now, Rupert has made a significant impact on the family’s newest member.

A TikTok video posted on January 28 shows the family taking a walk with both Rupert and their baby. As per his usual routine, Rupert hopped his way down the street, with the baby observing his every move.

Inevitably, the baby picked up on Rupert’s actions and the term his parents used to describe it. As a result, “jump” became the baby’s first word. The caption of the video humorously read: “Although I’m pretty sure Ted thinks Rupert’s name is Jump.”


Like any proud parents, they wanted to hear their baby’s first word over and over. The word “jump” soon became a delightful chant between the baby and his parents, echoing back and forth during their walks.

“We thought it was so adorable,” the mom shared. “It’s definitely still his favorite word now.”

The bond between Rupert and the baby is already strong. If the baby’s first word being “jump” after watching Rupert wasn’t enough proof, the mom shared that the two are the best of friends. A separate video shows the duo playing, gazing out the window, and snuggling together.

In no time, it’s anticipated that these two best friends will be hopping down the street together, hand in paw. The family hopes that the baby will realize Rupert’s actual name is not “Jump” before then.


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