Golden saves his favorite toy from ‘hostage situation’ [Video]

  • Charlie the Golden retriever loves his stuffed duck, Mr. Quackers, so much.
  • His mom decided to challenge him by taping the toy to the ground and staging a ‘hostage situation.’
  • Charlie was so excited to see his best friend and get him out that his tail was wagging all throughout!

Remember Charlie the Golden retriever? He loves his stuffed duck, Mr. Quackers, so much that he carries it around everywhere.

Photo Credit: TikTok/charliethegolden18

One day, his mom decided to challenge him by putting Mr. Quackers in a “hostage situation.” She taped the toy down to the ground and waited for Charlie to come save him.

Photo Credit: TikTok/charliethegolden18

In the video showing the hostage situation and rescue operation, Charlie’s mom explained that she wanted Charlie to feel proud of himself once he figured out how to save his friend.

We can see that Charlie really did his best to save his friend quickly!

Viewers were impressed with how Charlie handled it.

One viewer noticed how it may have only been Charlie who was perfect for the rescue operation, given his close relationship with Mr. Quackers.

Several pointed out how gentle Charlie was, β€œlike he didn’t want to hurt the duck.” Others praised his hard work and were amused by how hard his tail wagged. One comment read, β€œHe’s going to throw out a hip, wiggling so hard!”

Photo Credit: TikTok/charliethegolden18

The text overlay on the video were spot on, too, especially when Charlie tried to tug Mr. Quackers from behind and politely “asked,” “Don’t do a toot.”

Godd boy Charlie β€œdid him a save” in the end.

Photo Credit: TikTok/charliethegolden18

It seems like it wasn’t much of a challenge for Charlie, who would do whatever it takes to save his beloved friend!

The challenge was so adorable — and perfect for pet parents who are looking for a fun and engaging activity with their furry loved ones!

Source: Pet Helpful

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