Kitten Chooses His Rescuer To Be His Dad

  • A post on Facebook alerted fireman Tyson Hood to a kitten that got trapped in a storm drain.
  • He volunteered to rescue the cat and ended up being its chosen human.
  • Tyson and the grateful kitten are now bonded as if it was written in the stars that they should meet and be friends forever.

A tiny kitten fell into a storm drain and has been trapped there for four days already.  A Good Samaritan named Stephanie has been feeding the kitten and asking for help on Facebook for the kitten to be rescued.

Fortunately, Tyson Hood, is a softie for animals and happens to be the lieutenant of community risk reduction at his local fire department.

Photo Credit: Tyson Hood

He reached out to Stephanie and together they set out to rescue the kitten.

It took them an hour and a half to free the kitten as it was confused and scared.  The kitten even panicked when it came out of the tunnel and the net it got entangled in. 

Photo Credit: Tyson Hood

But once he was in the arms of his rescuer, the kitten relaxed and fell in love with Tyson.

Tyson said, “As soon as he was out of the sewer and in a safe space, he was an absolute lover — nonstop cuddles. Immediately took to my shoulders and nuzzle-purred repeatedly as hard as I’ve ever seen a cat do so. Which was flattering, but as you could imagine, he smelled horrendous.”

Photo Credit: Tyson Hood

Tyson’s girlfriend Cheryl said that the kitten has now chosen him to be its dad but the fireman would not have any of it.  Stephanie was already planning to adopt the adorable feline.  But destiny had other plans as Stephanie’s arrangement did not pull through.  Tyson was definitely going to be the kitten’s father.

And so, Tyson adopted the cat and named him Walnut after the street where the kitten was found.

Photo Credit: Tyson Hood

Hood said, “I fully believe he must have had some sort of emotional imprint of good times cuddling on my shoulders because that’s the only place he wants to be if I’m sitting still. He relays that Walnut ““purrs like a chainsaw and headbutts like a rhinoceros and for some reason insists on sleeping splayed across my neck”.

Tyson believes that Walnut and he understand each other and that their paths were destined to cross. As for Walnut, he already chose Hood to be his dad even before Hood accepted it.

Source: The Dodo

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