Woman Catches Mouse Riding on Cat’s Back [Video]

Mouse Riding on Cat's Back

  • A woman opened her door only to find a mouse calmly riding on a cat’s back.
  • It’s unclear whether the cat even knew that there was a mouse on their back, or if the pair are actually friends.
  • Still, the woman gently picked up the rodent using a dish towel and placed it a safe distance away.

Cats and mice have always been depicted as bitter enemies. But can they be friends? One woman saw a pair that could be, when she caught a mouse calmly riding on a cat’s back.

Photo Credit: TikTok/jess_pip

In a video shared on TikTok by Jessica Pippen last November, we can see someone opening the door to an unusual sight.

One of the cats had a small mouse crawling on their back!

The woman, who was naturally surprised, had to ask: “Is that a mouse on your back?”

She then mumbles a few phrases as she considers what to do.

She decides to rush back into the house to grab a dish towel to pick up the mouse off the cat. As she gently holds the mouse in the dish towel, she can be heard murmuring “Oh my God” under her breath. She then manages to place the rodent a safe distance away among some plants.

The video, which was captioned, “I have so many questions,” also got a lot of questions from viewers. Did the cat even notice that there was a mouse riding on their back? Are the two friends? How did the mouse get there and why did it think that it would be safe to be on the back of a potential predator?

Photo Credit: TikTok/jess_pip

Jenna Stregowski, RVT, offered an explanation: toxoplasmosis.

She explained that the disease is “caused by a parasitic infection that alters the brain chemistry of rodents and seems to eliminate their instinctive fear of cats and other predators… reduces overall anxiety and diminishes fear of potential dangerous situations.” 

According to Jenna, it usually doesn’t lead to illness, but can affect young or immunocompromised animals. Perhaps the mouse caught the disease from eating something out in the wild.

Photo Credit: TikTok/jess_pip

Who knows? Maybe the pair really are good friends, after all.

Source: Daily Paws

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