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Photo of Missing Dog Throwing A Party for Himself at A Shelter Paves Way For Family Reunion



  • A lost dog up for adoption creates a mess of the toys that the shelter gives to foster families.
  • He was just left alone for a few minutes but the destruction he made looked like it was done for hours.
  • The staff took a photo of him looking smug in the middle of the mess and posted it on social media, paving the way for his family to reunite with him.

Damon’s story started when he came into the Cincinnati Animal CARE shelter as a lost dog.  And when no one came to claim him after several months, they put him up for adoption. 

The shelter is filled to the brim.  Offices have a dog staying at the premises every single day.

Photo Credit: Cincinnati Animal Care

Damon was one of the office dogs.

According to Ray Anderson, a shelter staff member, “He was living in the behavior office, but they needed their space to work with more dogs in need, and he had really bonded with Sydney, our foster specialist. So, he was living there for a bit!”

Photo Credit: Cincinnati Animal Care

And when Sydney had to attend a meeting, Damon had the opportunity to wreak havoc in the office. It was party time! He pulled out every toy for foster families, played, tore and threw them all over the place!  To think, it was just around 45 minutes but with the mess that he made, it looked like he’d been there for hours.

Anderson said he destroyed all of the toys. “It was a particularly chaotic day at the shelter (although they’re all pretty chaotic), and walking in to see that was just hilarious.” He added, “He was having the time of his life — how could you be mad at that face?”

Photo Credit: Tyler Arnold (Facebook)

Sitting in the middle of the mess and looking so pleased with what he had done, the staff did not have the heart to be mad at him.  In fact, they took photos of Damon and posted it on social media. That is when his family knew where he was and came to claim him at last!

How could wreaking havoc in the office be a reason for getting mad when it led to a reunion?  It really is a cause for a celebration– – a party, which Damon did early.

Photo Credit: Cincinnati Animal Care

We wish you all the happiness, Damon!

Source: The Dodo