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Sneaky Toddler Hilariously Fails at Playing Asleep, Parents’ Trick Wins!



Quick Smiles:

  • Toddler pretends to be asleep
  • Mom tests her with a clever trick
  • Funny results reveal the truth

Sometimes, kids can be quite the little actors, and one toddler recently tried to pull a fast one on her parents by pretending to be asleep. Ivy Elkington, the mother, decided to test her daughter’s act with a simple yet effective trick.

Ivy explained her method, saying, “If she’s asleep, when I put her arm up, it will stay up — but if she’s awake, it will drop.” With this in mind, she proceeded to test her daughter’s “sleeping” state by lifting her arm.

As expected, the toddler’s arm dropped, revealing that she was, in fact, awake and trying to fool her parents. The hilarious results of this little experiment had everyone laughing and showed just how creative kids can be when they want to avoid bedtime.