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Special Needs Kitten Always Wears A Band-Aid As HeadGear



  • Siblings Otter and Bunny have special needs that the Good Samaritan who found them cannot attend to and so she brought them to Baby Kitten Rescue.
  • The two have physical differences and Otter even has hydrocephalus and meningocele.
  • They have been receiving special care from the rescue center which has enabled them to survive and blossom and will be adopted out as a pair.

Otter and his sister, Bunny, are a bonded pair.  One is without the other and so they have to be adopted together.  Just an early heads up just in case you get too excited to adopt just one of the siblings after you know their story.

When the special needs orphaned kittens were found, the Good Samaritan did not know they were a little different and would need proper care.  And so, she transferred them to Baby Kitten Rescue.

Photo Credit: Caroline Grace

The director of the rescue center, Caroline Grace, saw the differences: Otter had missing toes on his front paws while Bunny had no front paws at all. They were also suffering from upper respiratory illness, fleas, filthy, and severe diarrhea according to Caroline.

She also noticed that Otter had additional differences: “Otter’s head and face looked different than a typical kitten his age. He had a very large forehead and big, bulging eyes. Otter also had what looked like an abscess at the top of his head. He was put on antibiotics for the ‘abscess,’ but it didn’t go away.”

Photo Credit: Caroline Grace

A neurologist diagnosed Otter with having hydrocephalus and meningocele. The abscess is actually a part of his skull that is exposed. Once he turns 6 months, his condition and needs will be determined after an MRI. When he turns 1, he will undergo surgery to implant a plate over the opening in his skull.

In the meantime, Otter wears a Band-Aid and a custom helmet to protect his brain.  Thus, his headgear.

Photo Credit: Caroline Grace

Both the kitties are determined to survive and have not let anything slow them down or stop them from enjoying their life.

Otter is usually the first one to do or try something new or explore and Bunny watches and follows suit.  They have adapted so well to their differences and relied on each other that they have to be together forever.

Photo Credit: Caroline Grace

The Baby Kitten Rescue is open to donations for the pair’s care and for their eventual adoption.  We wish you all the best, Otter and Bunny!

Source: The Dodo