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Video Reveals Hilarious Differences in Owner’s Girl And Boy Cats



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  • A TikTok video by @tigreandsage highlights the distinct differences between her female and male cats’ personalities.
  • The female cat, a rare orange breed, is full of energy and mischief, while the male cat embodies the calm, friendly stereotype of orange cats.
  • The video has struck a chord with millions of viewers, igniting a vibrant discussion about cat personalities and their unpredictability.

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For those who cherish our feline companions, there’s an ongoing debate about the personality differences between male and female cats. While scientific evidence is still pending, a cat owner has recently provided a compelling illustration of this theory.

A TikTok video posted on March 7 by user @tigreandsage has captured the distinct differences between her male and female cats. Orange cats are often recognized for their calm and friendly demeanor, but this doesn’t necessarily apply to all.

The female cat in the video is an orange one, a rarity as only about 20% of orange cats are female. Contrary to the typical expectation of an orange cat’s temperament, this female feline is lively, adventurous, and always up to mischief.

On the flip side, the male cat in the video is the epitome of tranquility. He embodies the stereotype of the calm, friendly orange cat, spending most of his time lounging on the couch.


The female cat’s curiosity is limitless. She tries to explore everything in the house, prompting the owner to secure the kitchen cabinets. Despite these precautions, the cat still attempts to pry them open with her paws. Once a cat sets its mind on something, it’s hard to deter them.

Meanwhile, amidst all the commotion, the male cat can be found peacefully snoozing, appreciating the occasional petting from his owner. It seems the owner gets to experience the full spectrum of cat personalities in her home.

However, not all cat owners agree with this portrayal. Some have reported that their male cats are the ones causing havoc, while their female cats are more affectionate. Others have cats that exhibit a mix of both personalities, demonstrating that generalizations based on cat breeds, colors, or genders aren’t always accurate.


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