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After Hours Of Looking, Kitten Is Found Sleeping And About To “Sprout” In A Plant Pot [Video]



  • A TikTok video of a cat found curled up in a plant pot on top of a dresser has the internet in stitches.
  • Avocado the cat’s owners have been looking for him for hours and his name and being in a pot makes the video funnier.
  • According to an article in PetMD, cats like being curled up in high places to protect their abdominal area and at the same time have a high vantage point to watch out for predators and prey.

In a March 2022 article in PetMD,  veterinarian Stuart Hovis said that cats can sleep up to 18 hours a day and snooze in a number of different positions. This stems from their wild origins.

@sharayadillmann He always sleepin in the weirdest places 🤣🤣 #fyp ♬ original sound – Sharaya Dillmann

Hovis added that since cats are both predators and stray animals, they remain attentive and alert to their environment and protect their bodies at all times. They also prefer high places to have a high vantage point to be away from predators at the same time a view from which they can see their prey.

They also prefer to be warm to preserve their body heat and protect their abdominal area— the most vulnerable part of their body. Thus, they curl up when sleeping to hide that part.

That is why when a video of a kitten shared by TikToker Sharaya Dillmann snoozing in a plant pot on top of a dresser was posted, it made people laugh and at the same time explained the behavior.

Photo Credit: @sharayadillmann (TikTok)

The text inlay made it hilarious: “Finally found our kitten Avocado after hours of looking [crying laughing and hand on face emojis].”

A description which TikTok user Amarasmom found really funny: “An avocado in a plant pot. Just water me & i’ll grow !,” and Odeon seconded with: “Nah it’s just growing trying to sprout I think.”

User stephld924 quipped: “The fact that he just lies there [crying laughing emoji].”

Photo Credit: @sharayadillmann (TikTok)

The accompanying caption of “He always sleepin in the weirdest places [crying laughing emojis]” added to its hilarity.

TikTok users who are also cat owners are familiar with the behavior too well and they shared their own experiences.

Tor Kelley said: “Omg [oh my god] so it’s not just my kitten who insists on sleeping in my plant pots!” The weird place to sleep in is common after all just like what Deanna wrote: “My cat has three beds and still chooses to sleep in the most random places [crying laughing emoji].” And Bouja’mie added: “The places these things hide. I swear I have no idea where my cat goes in the house sometimes.”

Check on your plant pots in elevated places.  It might just have a cat sprouting. Err… snoozing. 

Source: Newsweek