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Artist Transforms Cracked Walls and Sidewalks with Colorful Mosaics



  • An artist is transforming the dreary urban landscape into one of color and whimsy one tile at a time.
  • French artist Ememem from Lyon fills in the city’s cracked walls and sidewalks with delightful mosaics using a technique he calls “flacking.”
  • His colorful works, set amid the dreary urban landscape, instantly lift the spirits of passersby.

With the urban landscape mostly made of material that can crack through time, flaws can be unsightly. But one artist has made it his mission to transform the city’s cracked landscape into one that’s colorful and whimsical.

A French artist who goes by the name Ememem uses delightful mosaics to fill in the broken pieces. He calls his artistic technique of repairing damaged structures with mosaics “flacking.”

After beautifying his home city of Lyon, he has taken his artform to other European cities such as Paris.

Take a look at some of his works below.

His transformations make potholes and sidewalk cracks look like ancient walls of a cathedral or museum.

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Cracked walls are repaired beautifully.

Plaza grounds are made more colorful.

Blues and other whimsical hues draw in the eyes of passersby.

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His repairs certainly brighten up the surroundings…

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A post shared by Ememem (@ememem.flacking)

…And instantly lifts the spirits of passersby.

You can check out more of Ememem’s work on Instagram.

Source: Good News Network