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College Student Paints and Designs Fun Crutches For Kids



  • Natali Avshalomov has always loved sparkly arts and helping people. 
  • That’s why, during the lockdown, she decided to design crutches and give them out to kids in hospitals and orphanages twice a year!
  • She hopes that someday, she’d inspire more volunteers to join her cause and bring sunshine to many kids in need!

Back in March, Natali Avshalomov, just like the majority of people, wondered how to make use of her free time during the lockdown due to the pandemic.

Then she thought about putting into use her love for sparkly arts in her passion for helping others — and the result was heartwarming!

Natali is a human development senior student at Binghamton University and she hopes to become an orthopedist or a podiatrist someday. Ever since, she’s always dreamed of putting sparkly arts on her patients’ casts, making them more fun. That’s why during her quarantine free time, she decided to do it for the kids’ crutches!

Her family and friends supported her cause and donated money for her to buy a few crutches. Then she started hand painting them with fine details of flowers and other fun designs!

Photo Credit: @walkingonsunshineproj (Instagram)

Her labor of love isn’t quick and easy — she would even spend three hours for just one pair!

The goal is simple — she wanted to help kids “think of it more of an accessory as opposed to a burden,” she said. “That’s why I want to make them customized, special, and unique.”

Photo Credit: @walkingonsunshineproj (Instagram)

So then she started the Walking On Sunshine Project, and she accepts donated crutches she could design intricately before she gives them to hospitals and orphanages for kids that need one. She does this twice a year and it is inspiring many people.

She also has a GoFundMe account for cash donations to help her buy supplies. In the long run, she looks forward to having other volunteers experience the fun in designing crutches and helping kids. 

Photo Credit: @walkingonsunshineproj (Instagram)

“These children otherwise, if it was not for the medical donation, would not get the crutches they would need,” she said. “It helps a kid gain their mobility and better their childhood with this project, so I think it has a lot of meaning to it.”

Natali is definitely bringing sunshine to these kids’ lives! More power to you!


Source: Inspire More