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Cop who Rescued Kitten Now Has the Cutest Sidekick



  • Two Durham police officers were patrolling the neighborhood when they spotted a tiny little kitten that looked scared and distressed.
  • They tried to find her family or home, but eventually realized that she was all alone.
  • The kitten quickly adopted one of the officers as her mom, and has since become the cutest sidekick of the police department!

A routine police patrol ended with a cop meeting the cutest kitten sidekick.

Last week, officer J.N. Rowsey of the Durham Police Department in North Carolina responded to a call that would change two lives for the better.

She met this cute little kitten!

Cutest kitten Sidekick
Photo Credit: Durham Police Department

Rowsey was patrolling the neighborhood with her partner when they noticed a tiny stray kitten. The poor kitty was alone, looking scared and distressed. To make sure the kitten received proper help, they stopped over and tried to find where she came from.

According to the Durham Police Department, “[They] searched the neighborhood in an attempt to find the kitten’s owner or its mother. But [they] had no luck.”

Cutest kitten Sidekick
Photo Credit: Durham Police Department

They eventually realized that the stray kitten had no owner or home. She was all alone — but found company in Officer Rowsey’s kind presence. Naturally, the kitten adopted her as her new mom.

Rowsey can’t help but accept. Just look at this cute little face!

Cutest kitten Sidekick
Photo Credit: Durham Police Department

The police department stated, “The lucky kitten found a new home with one of the officers. [She] quickly made [herself] comfortable and appears very happy to have found a new home with Officer Rowsey.”

The stray little kitten has become Officer Rowsey’s cutest sidekick.

When Rowsey was on patrol, she had no idea that helping the distressed kitten will change both their lives for the better. Their new friendship will surely last a lifetime.

Source: The Dodo