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Dog Learns How To Be Gentle With All The Butterflies In His Garden



  • Milo is his mom’s happy helper in their garden.
  • His mom, Jen Bennet, planted many different flowers and plants that attracted a lot of beautiful butterflies.
  • Milo wanted to befriend the butterflies that visited their garden, so the animal learned how to handle them with care.

Meet Milo, the dog with a sweet, gentle soul.

Jen Bennet planted many different flowers and plants inside their garden. The work needed to keep the garden beautiful is exhaustive, but with her best assistant, everything is doable. Their garden attracted different butterflies, which the happy helper wanted to befriend. Who knew that this is possible?

 “We grow lots of food and flowers in our garden so it is a wonderland for butterflies,” Jen said, referring to her happy helper. “Two years ago we started raising monarchs, which has been so fun. Milo loves to watch all the butterflies fly around.”

The butterflies became comfortable with the animal, comfortable enough that these insects land on him to hang out for a while. Milo understands that he is supposed to be gentle around these butterflies. From this point on, butterflies perched on him and he seemed pleased after the fact.

“He is always patient when they land on him,” Jen said. “He sees their process with me, from baby caterpillars to chrysalis then to butterflies. He knows they are our friends. He loves hanging out with the butterflies. We check the butterflies every morning.”

Milo is camera-ready most of the time, which made the cooking show with his mom popular. The happy helper looked even better in photographs when butterflies started landing on him. What’s more, these beautiful moments with the butterflies are photographed without much effort.

“We had millions of painted lady butterflies that migrated through our garden,” Jen said. “It was like a cloud of butterflies coming though. He just kept looking up at them in wonder. Looking back and forth so fast to not to miss any!”

Source: The Dodo