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Father Makes Amazing Foul Ball Catch While Holding Baby and a Beer [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Steve Pettit, a dad attending a Dodgers game, astounded the crowd by catching a foul ball while carrying his baby and a beverage.
  • The incredible moment was captured on video and went viral, earning Pettit the title of a multitasking legend.
  • Social media erupted with praise and clever remarks, hailing Pettit as a superhero and proving that extraordinary experiences can happen in the most unexpected moments.

In a jaw-dropping display of multitasking, Steve Pettit, a Glendale Fire Department engineer and all-around cool dad, unleashed his secret superpowers during a recent Dodgers game.

With his adorable baby strapped to his chest and a refreshing beverage in hand, Pettit boldly reached new heights by catching a foul ball headed his way.

The Los Angeles Dodgers couldn’t resist sharing the epic moment on Twitter, with the announcers adding, “A beverage, a baby and a baseball.”

As the video took off like a viral rocket, the internet erupted with laughter and amazement, solidifying Pettit’s place as a legendary multitasker.

Recounting the surreal catch, Pettit said, “The ball just kind of came up, and it was kind of like slow motion.


“It was sort of like, ‘Boop!’ It just like came right to my hand.”

The crowd erupted with cheers, and Twitter lit up with clever remarks, declaring Pettit the ultimate MVP of dad moves.

The Twitterverse exploded with witty banter and adoration for Pettit’s incredible feat.

One user exclaimed, “Not all heroes wear capes!”


“What a catch!!! This should make the top 10 plays of the week!” another Twitter user wrote.

Misty, Pettit’s astounded wife, couldn’t believe her luck as she witnessed the unforgettable catch unfold.

Swiftly capturing the electrifying moment on her camera, she immortalized the sheer excitement reverberating through the stands.

“I pulled my camera out and started to record the reaction because the crowd was going wild, which was really fun to see,” she said.


The Los Angeles Dodgers also shared an up-close snapshot of the beaming dad, clutching the baseball and beer, with baby in tow.

“Dad power,” the caption reads.

As if Pettit’s sensational catch wasn’t enough, the Los Angeles Dodgers sealed the day with a resounding victory, completing a triumphant series sweep against the St. Louis Cardinals with a 6-3 score.

It was a double dose of celebration, both for the team’s success and for Pettit’s extraordinary feat.


So, next time you’re at a baseball game, keep your eyes peeled for the unexpected, the awe-inspiring moments that make memories.

You might just witness a dad defying gravity while juggling a baby, a beverage, and a baseball.

Source: NBC