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Feral Feline? Mama Cat’s Cozy Surprise for a Well-meaning Stranger [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Amy Cousins went to help feral kittens but was greeted warmly by their supposedly “feral” mama, Fava Bean.
  • Mama Bean was quick to show affection and “adopt” Cousins, leading to a happy household.
  • A playful reminder: Check in with local rescues and maybe “blackout” to find yourself with a furry family of your own! 🐱💖

Amy Cousins, a kind-hearted individual, took a little detour to see a bunch of feral kittens that decided to crash at her buddy’s front deck.

While she went with the mindset of encountering wild cats wary of human touch, what she got was a heart-melting revelation.

The group of kittens she went to see had made quite the buzz.

With the local shelters maxed out and unable to accommodate another feral family, the furballs were left under the open sky.

Always one to lend a paw, Cousins came to their rescue, bringing along a cozy shelter to shield them from wind and rain.

Little did she know, she was about to meet the “feral” matriarch of the family, endearingly named Fava Bean later.


That thing where you go to drop off some cat food and then suddenly there’s a whole other family in your house #cat #catsoftiktok #kitten #catrescue ♬ original sound – Ameson

“She, like, tried to follow me out and was kind of like, ‘Are you just gonna leave me here?’” recounts Cousins, with a laugh, about her initial rendezvous with Fava Bean in a TikTok she shared.

Turns out, this mama wasn’t just about purrs and hisses. Instead, Fava Bean kept kneading her paws, a sign of contentment, and cozying up to Cousins like an old friend.

Based on how quickly she warmed up, one would think she once lounged on a plush sofa in someone’s living room.


However, it wasn’t just the cuddly interaction that left Cousins spellbound.

“I’m not really sure what happened after that, I kind of blacked out for a few hours, and then the next thing I know, these cats are, like, in my house.”

A collaboration with a local rescue led Cousins to step up as the temporary mom for Fava Bean and her playful kitties. And did they find their groove quickly!

Safe walls, warm corners, and a human friend – Fava Bean and her kittens were now living the feline dream.


An update on Fava Bean and her baby beans & I want to encourage everyone to have their own black outs and call their local rescues to ask if you can foster a lil fam; so many are overloaded this year! Thanks everyone for all the love 🫶 ♬ original sound – Ameson


In the weeks that ensued, as the kittens gained weight and playful mischief, Mama Bean never ceased to amaze with her motherly affection.

Cousins, basking in the joys of her spontaneous decision, advises, “I want to encourage everyone to have their own blackouts and call their local rescues to ask if you can foster a lil fam; so many are overloaded this year.”

And who knows? Maybe the next “feral” furball you meet might just be a big softie waiting for a warm hug!