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Goldendoodle Goes Viral For Acting Like A Human



Quick Smiles:

  • Goldendoodle stands like a human in viral video
  • Video viewed over 12.1 million times on TikTok
  • Users share their own experiences with the intelligent breed

A hilarious video of a goldendoodle standing like a human in the kitchen has taken the internet by storm! The adorable pup was caught on camera waiting for some food at his owner’s kitchen counter. Since being shared on TikTok the video has been viewed more than 12.1 million times!

Goldendoodles, a cross between a golden retriever and a standard poodle, are known for their intelligence. Several TikTok users have shared their own experiences with this clever breed. One user commented, “I know we’re all worried about AI taking over, but I think doodles are coming for us.” Another user added, “Ah because doodles ARE human. I don’t know how, they just are. Their eyes?!? Like hellooo!!!”


anyone else’s goldendoodle stand like a human? #goldendoodle #fyp

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The post, captioned “Anyone else’s goldendoodle stand like a human?”, has received over 1.7 million likes and more than 9,000 comments. TikTokers have been voicing their amusement in the comments section, with one user writing, “Sunny can’t walk in heels.” Another user joked, “Someone said golden doodles were sent by the government to spy on us and now I’m beginning to believe.”

According to pet food brand Purina, the goldendoodle breed is growing in popularity worldwide after being developed “due to the success of the labradoodle” breed. Purina explains that goldendoodles can be a first cross, bred back to one of the original breeds, or two goldendoodles bred together, resulting in various sizes, shapes, coat types, and temperaments.