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Heartwarming: 5 Ukrainian Students Get Full-Ride Scholarship to US College [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Sam Rose, a philanthropist and Dickinson College alumnus, has established a full-ride scholarship for five Ukrainian students, including tuition, room and board, travel costs, and a monthly stipend for four years.
  • The scholarship builds upon Rose’s previous philanthropic efforts at Dickinson College, where he has been a significant donor since 2000, primarily supporting students from economically disadvantaged urban areas.
  • As a beneficiary of a 50/50 scholarship-loan during his own time at Dickinson, Rose strongly believes in the transformative power of education, and has dedicated significant resources to create similar opportunities for others, particularly those enduring hardships like the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

In a world that often seems heavy with strife, we find heartening tales that showcase the enduring power of humanity and generosity.

Today, we’re serving up one such inspiring story of a philanthropist extending a lifeline to five Ukrainian students amidst the dire circumstances in their homeland.

Meet Sam Rose, a Dickinson College alumnus and philanthropist whose roots reach back to Ukraine via his maternal grandfather.

With the conflict in Ukraine escalating since February 2022, Rose found a unique way to extend a helping hand, motivated by his family connection and commitment to level the playing field for economically disadvantaged students.

After graduating in 1958, Rose, now a successful attorney and real estate developer in Washington, D.C., has been a generous benefactor for Dickinson College.

In 2000, he started the Samuel G. Rose ’58 Scholarship, earmarked for students from financially underprivileged urban areas. The fund kicked off with a $200,000 donation, later swelling with an additional $5 million over seven years.


Fast forward to the present, Rose, in his mission to extend support specifically to Ukrainian students, has established the Sam Rose ’58 International Scholarship.

The bountiful package offers five students in Ukraine a full ride, covering all tuition, room and board, travel costs, and even a monthly stipend for their entire four-year college journey.

When Dickinson President John E. Jones III personally delivered the life-altering news via video conference to each recipient, their faces lit up with disbelief and gratitude—an emotional spectacle caught on camera that guarantees to tug at your heartstrings.

Rose, raised in a modest neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, understands firsthand the impact of a scholarship. He completed his Dickinson degree with the help of a 50/50 scholarship-loan—a stepping stone that helped him pave a path to success.

With his belief firmly lodged in the transformative power of education, Rose has dedicated a significant part of his life and wealth to pay it forward.

“Education is a great place to make an investment,” Rose declared.


“These students have endured more than a year of war in their homeland, and I’m happy to give them the opportunity to succeed with a life-changing Dickinson education to become leaders and problem-solvers.”

This tale of profound generosity underscores that amidst turbulent times, the goodness of individuals like Sam Rose shines bright, fostering hope and change that transcend boundaries.

These five fortunate students, and countless others in the future, are poised to rewrite their destinies, all thanks to one man’s extraordinary benevolence.