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One-Eared Therapy Cat’s Viral Stroller Encounter



Quick Smiles:

  • Uno, a one-eared therapy cat, loves going for walks and making new friends.
  • Uno recently befriended 1-year-old Maya during a walk, and their adorable interaction went viral on TikTok.
  • Uno’s owner hopes their story will inspire more people to consider taking their cats for walks.

Who says only dogs can go out for walks? Uno, a one-eared cat, would certainly disagree! He loves nothing more than going for strolls with his owner, Kat Curtis, and meeting new people.

Uno goes out for walks around three to five times a week, rarely missing an opportunity to say hello and make new friends. Curtis told Newsweek that he just “loves attention” from everyone.


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During a walk earlier this month, the certified therapy cat had the pleasure of meeting 1-year-old Maya and her younger sister Melody. Uno immediately approached Maya and climbed into her stroller. Excited, Maya wanted to get out of the stroller so they could interact properly.

Curtis, from Los Angeles, California, said, “Uno loves kids, so when he saw Maya in her stroller, he immediately greeted her with a meow. When I told Maya’s Dad that Uno is friendly, he took Maya out of the stroller so Uno and Maya could properly meet.”

Uno was fond of Maya but was startled by her high-pitched squeals. However, he tolerated her squeals in exchange for pets and affection. Curtis then let Maya try walking Uno, and she did a great job.


Curtis shared the adorable footage on Uno’s dedicated TikTok account (@one_eared_uno), where it quickly went viral. The clip has been viewed more than 1.6 million times and gained over 334,600 likes.

Uno’s walks are not just for fun; they also provide good exercise and mental stimulation for him. Michelson Found Animals suggests that walking can help prevent cats from feeling cooped up inside the house.

Before taking a cat for a walk, owners should use a harness and leash and start by letting the cat wear the harness around the house. Gradually build up to walking around the house and garden before venturing out for a proper walk.

Uno loves meeting people and other cats on his walks, and Curtis says the interactions “make him happy.” Since the video of Uno and Maya’s friendship went viral, it has been received “with warmth and inspiration.” Curtis hopes more people might consider taking their felines out for walks, as you never know what might happen.

“People adore how calm and affectionate he is with every person and pet he meets, and they’re inspired to see that Uno can go on walks and do so well,” she told Newsweek.

The clip of Uno and Maya melted many hearts online, with over 600 comments on the viral video. One comment reads, “Uno is a patient saint, but also shout out to the parents who also made sure their kids understood to be gentle.” Another person responded, “Uno is an amazing cat! So sweet and patient.”