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Rookie Officer’s Quick Thinking Saves Newborn’s Life [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A 3-week-old infant started choking on anti-gas drops, causing intense panic among his family members.
  • Officer Cody Hubbard, a 23-year-old rookie, quickly responded and managed to save the baby, earning heartfelt gratitude from the family.
  • The officer will be recognized with a life-saving award, and while the baby might not remember the incident, his parents surely will.

In what was undoubtedly one of the most intense moments of his budding career, 23-year-old Officer Cody Hubbard of the Pottsville Police Department became an unexpected hero to a family from Arkansas.

Now, his brave and timely actions have garnered attention nationwide.

The day started like any other for the Chronister family until their 3-week-old son, Grady, began choking on anti-gas drops.

The fear and panic that clouded the room was palpable, as described by Joe Chronister.

The baby struggled to breathe, turning a routine day into every parent’s nightmare.

Answering the distress call was rookie Officer Hubbard.

Although new to the force, he’s a parent himself and could undoubtedly empathize with the terror the Chronisters were experiencing.


On his way to the scene, he found himself hoping and praying for a favorable outcome.

“When a family is depending on you like that, you know the pressure hits,” Hubbard candidly expressed.

Arriving on the scene, Hubbard’s training and instincts kicked in.

Without hesitation, he reached for the struggling infant. His swift actions left an indelible mark on the family.

“We were trying everything, and it seemed like he (Hubbard) knew exactly what to do,” said an awed Chronister.


Officer Hubbard attributes a bit of divine intervention to the successful rescue.

“Pretty much [I asked] for the Lord to be on my side on this one,” he shared.

And indeed, in what felt like an eternity but lasted only moments, the heart-wrenching cries of distress transformed into cries of relief.

The little one was safe and breathing once again.

Overwhelmed by the magnitude of what he had just been part of, Officer Hubbard recalled the emotional aftermath.

Once back in his car, the full weight of the event bore down on him, leading to tears of joy and relief.


The story doesn’t end with just a grateful family.

Recognizing his heroics, the Pottsville Police Department plans to honor Officer Hubbard with a life-saving award later this month.

As for baby Grady, he’s back to his cheerful self, oblivious to the harrowing incident.

He may not have memories of the blue-clad stranger who saved his life, but his parents certainly will.

A tearful and heartfelt “Thank you so much for saving Grady’s life,” from Joe Chronister perfectly encapsulates the family’s eternal gratitude.

For Officer Hubbard and countless others in uniform, it’s moments like these that underscore the true essence of their duty: to protect and serve, no matter how young or small. 🚔❤️🍼