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Watch: Fearless Cat Chases Coyote Away From Family Home [Video]



  • A cat in Phoenix made the news a couple of months ago when he took on a coyote and won.
  • Sunny the cat spotted the coyote sneaking in the family’s backyard.
  • The chase was all caught on surveillance video.

A five-year-old cat in Phoenix made headlines in late October after fearlessly chasing a coyote.

Sunny the cat was outside his house around 2 a.m. when he spotted the coyote sneaking into the family’s yard, FOX 10 in Phoenix reported.

According to Sunny’s mom, Kelli Koeller, the black-and-white cat loves to hang out outside where he can still be on the lookout for prey. Sunny used to live on the street before the family took him in, Kelli told the TV station. He was just a kitten when he was adopted.

At around 2 .m. on Oct. 22, the family’s surveillance video recorded a coyote wandering around their yard. Suddenly, Sunny appeared on the screen and sneaked up on the desert canine. Without fear, the comparatively smaller cat chased the barking animal out of the yard. Good thing the coyote was alone.

“I did not expect to ever see that on camera,” Kelli told FOX 10. “I suspected he does that on his own time or whatever, but I just did not expect to see it. And it was amazing to see.”

Photo by Shaun Wadham on Unsplash

Coyotes are common across the area. Every pet owner should be aware of the danger these wild animals bring. When temperatures begin to drop, this is the time when coyotes move into more urban areas.

Sunny is very lucky or maybe he’s just really fearless. The story could have resulted differently because coyotes in desert neighborhoods are notorious for grabbing pet cats and small dogs.

Good job, Sunny!

Source: Daily Paws