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Watch These Lion Cubs’ Adorable Reaction to ‘The Lion King’ [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Two lion cubs at a conservation area in Tanzania had their own private screening of Disney’s ‘The Lion King,’ capturing the attention of millions on social media.
  • The video, posted by conservation group @servalwildlife, showcases the cubs’ adorable reactions, particularly their fascination during Simba’s iconic scene at Pride Rock.
  • Amidst the light-heartedness, the video also brings attention to the vulnerable status of lions, with the species facing various threats, including habitat loss and illegal wildlife trade.


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The magic of Disney attracts all kinds. Old or young, from different walks of life — even four-legged ones!

A pair of lion cubs recently got to experience their very own screening of Disney’s beloved classic, ‘The Lion King,’ and their reactions are gaining internet fame.

In a video posted by the conservation group @servalwildlife, based in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, two curious cubs are seen attentively watching the 1994 animated movie.

The sight of these little lions mesmerized by the colorful characters and iconic music is nothing short of delightful.

As the symbolic moment of cub Simba being lifted high above Pride Rock unfolds, the cubs tilt their heads in fascination.


This enchanting moment captured on film had them glancing at each other before turning their gaze back to the unfolding drama on screen.

The clip, now viral, has been viewed over 11.2 million times, with social media users swooning over their adorable reactions.

One user commented: “There’s something about lions watching ‘The Lion King’ that just makes sense.”

Another shared: “I had no idea that lion cubs watching ‘The Lion King’ would become my most favorite thing ever when I opened this app today.”

Despite their current status as internet celebrities, the cubs represent a species classified as vulnerable, with only around 23,000 left in the wild.

Lions face various risks, including habitat loss, illegal wildlife trade, and conflicts with humans, resulting in a 40% population decline over the past three generations.


@servalwildlife regularly shares clips of the majestic creatures it strives to protect, bringing awareness to the plight of these and other species.

Despite the decreasing numbers, the sight of a lion, especially in their natural habitat, remains a coveted experience for many, drawing in tourists eager to witness the majesty of these big cats.

What started as a fun and unique attempt to entertain the cubs ended up offering them a “perfect movie night,” leaving staff at @servalwildlife surprised by their “concentration on the movie.”

So whether it’s humans or lion cubs, the enchanting world of Disney continues to captivate audiences, and in this case, perhaps it brought a little extra cheer to two of its most unusual viewers.