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19-Year-Old Lab Rescued From Shelter Embraces Puppyhood Once Again [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • 19-year-old Lab, Annie, was rescued by The PAWerful Rescue and experienced a surge of youth in her new foster home.
  • Her foster parent created a bucket list for her, starting with a 20th birthday party and including holidays and mini road trips.
  • Annie’s journey inspired many to open their hearts to senior dogs, outliving vets’ predictions and leaving a lasting legacy.

When 19-year-old Annie, a Labrador, was surrendered at a Texas shelter last summer, her world fell apart.

Little did she know, her story was far from over. Stephanie Rodriguez and Duke Hemstreet from The PAWerful Rescue heard about Annie’s plight and decided to turn her golden years into something truly special.

“There was no doubt in our mind that we were going to help this girl,” Hemstreet told The Dodo.

A treat at a burger joint was just the beginning of Annie’s adventure as she was soon whisked away to her new foster home.

In the care of Lauren Siler, a foster parent with a soft spot for senior hospice dogs, Annie found a haven.

“We were just happy bringing her somewhere where she can be comfortable and feel an hour of love, days of love, weeks of love, whatever it might be,” Siler told The Dodo.

Unexpectedly, enveloped in this affection, the old Lab seemed to rediscover her youth.


“She walked over there and got herself a toy, and we were like, ‘Oh my goodness! She’s acting like a puppy with a toy,’” Siler said.

That’s when the idea of a bucket list came into play: how many joyful experiences could they offer Annie in her twilight years?

The list began with a 20th birthday bash, and soon, Annie celebrated Christmas and Valentine’s Day, receiving love from people all over the world.

But the fun didn’t stop at holidays.


Annie relished mini road trips, bonded with Siler’s baby niece, sampled a variety of foods, and kept a keen eye on neighborhood happenings.

Annie’s journey of crossing off her bucket list transformed not only her life but also those of her foster parents and countless followers on social media.

As her one-year anniversary in her new home approached, she’d outlived the vets’ predictions, inspiring many to open their hearts to senior dogs.

Sadly, Annie’s adventures came to an end on June 24th.

“So much of who I am today, is because of Annie,” Siler shared on Instagram, adding, “I learned so much from her: That life is worth living! Adventure and good days can come when you least expect it!”