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A Daring Escape: Tiny Terrier’s Incredible 100-mile Adventure!



Quick Smiles:

  • Lucky, a 14-year-old border terrier, embarked on an unexpected 100-mile journey from Bern to Geneva after escaping her kennel.
  • Despite her breed’s limited stamina, Lucky’s miraculous appearance in Geneva remains a mystery, with many believing she hitched a ride.
  • Thanks to her microchip and the vigilance of locals, Lucky was safely reunited with her overjoyed family.

In an astounding event, a diminutive dog named Lucky turned out to be quite the adventurer. The 14-year-old border terrier’s tale began with a simple escape from her kennel and culminated in her appearance nearly 100 miles away from home.

Read on to learn about how Lucky’s escapade unfolded.

The Great Escape

During a national holiday, Lucky’s owners entrusted her to a boarding kennel in Bern, Switzerland’s capital.

Little did they know, their furry friend would soon embark on an unexpected journey.

Jennifer Wagner, Lucky’s human, shared with local news outlet RTS, “There was a hole in the kennel’s fence,” hinting at Lucky’s point of exit.

The Mysterious Route

This little border terrier navigated her way from Bern all the way to Geneva. It’s a staggering distance, roughly equivalent to a two-hour car journey.

The details of her journey remain a puzzle, but what’s certain is that the next time Lucky was spotted, she was near Lake Geneva, taking in the scenic views the morning after her breakout.


The Rescue

Concerned locals spotted the tiny traveler on the edge of a road in the Lancy-Onex region of Geneva and promptly alerted the authorities.

The police swiftly stepped in, and thanks to Lucky’s microchip, a happy reunion with her owners was soon in the cards.

Much to the relief of the Wagner family, besides a few ticks, Lucky was in good health and free from injuries.

Now, for a dog of Lucky’s size and breed, the trip she undertook is nearly impossible on foot. Border terriers typically stand at a height of 12-15 inches, with a stamina that lets them run 3-5 miles, or hike 5-8 miles at most. Given this, it’s quite improbable Lucky traveled the entire distance by herself.

Jennifer Wagner expressed her immense relief, stating, “It was a terrifying ordeal, but I feel so lucky she’s safe, healthy, and unharmed.”

Speculations abound on how Lucky reached Geneva. Both the police and her family surmise she hitched a ride, possibly with a kind stranger who found her post-escape.


Whatever the case, Lucky’s adventure has certainly made her live up to her name.

The Wagner family is ecstatic to have her back and are likely contemplating a tighter security plan for their adventurous little terrier.