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Adopting 6 siblings heals widow’s grief over husband’s demise



  • Bobbie-Jo Floyd lost her husband in a motorcycle crash.
  • Two years later, her life changed when she adopted six siblings from foster care.
  • Bobbie-Jo couldn’t be any happier with her instant big family, and is now set to move to a bigger home in Texas.

When Bobbie-Jo Floyd lost her husband, Andre Floyd, in a tragic motorcycle crash on October 19, 2014, she thought life would be over. Her grief consumed her, and she became scared of what the future holds.

Photo Credit: Bobbie Floyd/People

Two years later, as if by divine decree, Bobbie-Jo received a call that would ultimately change her life for the good.

Social workers from child welfare services asked Bobbie-Jo if she could foster two girls, to which she undoubtedly said yes to.

With her two children — Jeremai and Elyjah — Bobbie-Jo welcomed two beautiful additions in their family, Destiny, who is 11, and Serenity, 7.

Apparently, Destiny and Serenity have a nine-year-old brother, Lysander, who will be left behind had these girls live with the Floyds. Bobbie-Jo, who simply has the heart for children, lobbied to the social workers if she can also keep Lysander, as he will be fostered by a different family.

“They were going to drop him someplace else,” Bobbie-Jo, said. “I asked, ‘If I can get another bunk bed, can he stay?’”

Seeing her capacity to love and look after these kids, she was granted Destiny, Serenity, and Lysander under her care. It was the best time of her life, as she slowly recuperates her way back to normalcy after her loss.

“We had a lot of fun with them. I just wanted them to experience life and have fun at our house,” she said. “They just wanted love and attention and they were the happiest kids.”

Soon after, Bobbie-Jo learned that her three adopted siblings have three more siblings in foster home — Honesty, Adrian, and August. Without second thought, she asked the social workers and the court that she would take them too.

“I was begging, ‘I’ll do whatever I have to do,’” she said. “I got to get these kids together.”


In February 2020, she was able to fully adopt all six siblings.

Photo Credit: G. Michael Worthington/People

“I think we saved each other’s lives,” she said. “They saved my life too. I’m not sad anymore.”

She believed her husband Andre connived with the universe to make this all happen.

“I believe this was all Andre giving me a sign,” Bobbie-Jo said. “He knew what would keep me going. I thank him every day for giving me these kids.”

Bobbie-Jo couldn’t be any happier with her instant big family — now with eight wonderful children — and will soon be moving to a bigger home in Texas, where they can make new, happy memories together.