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Adorable Alice: Dog Gazes Lovingly When Going Out For A Walk



Quick Smiles:

  • Alice the dog prefers to look at her owner’s son during walks
  • Reddit users are delighted by the adorable video
  • Studies show dogs can form strong bonds with humans

A delightful video of a dog named Alice has captured the hearts of Reddit users. In the clip, Alice seems more interested in looking at her owner’s son than exploring her surroundings during a walk outdoors.

The video was shared by Mattias Lundin, who goes by the username Zaptagious on Reddit. Lundin told Newsweek that Alice is a 2-and-a-half-year-old Lagotto Romagnolo, an Italian breed. She belongs to his mom, but he borrows her every now and then.

The footage, captured on February 7, shows Alice walking on a leash along a snow-covered street in Falköping, a Swedish town where Lundin lives. Throughout the walk, Alice keeps glancing up at the camera. Lundin said, “In the video I’m saying ‘I’m here, I’m here. Do you like to look at me?’”

Out for walkies, but she prefers to just look at me instead 🙂
byu/Zaptagious inaww

Alice’s apparent fascination with Lundin isn’t surprising, as dogs and humans can share a special bond. A March 2019 study published in Scientific Reports noted that dogs can form relationships of comparable qualities with both humans and other dogs.

A study found that the relationship between dogs and their owners resembles an infant attachment bond. Dogs are dependent on human care, and their behavior is geared to engage their owners’ caregiving system.

The Reddit post’s caption reads, “Out for walkies, but she prefers to just look at me instead :).” Lundin told Newsweek, “She kept looking up at me like she regularly does with that little smile, as if to say she’s really happy we’re doing this or maybe she’s just looking for a treat.”


Alice is a very loving and affectionate dog, according to Lundin. She always likes to be close to her humans for pets, play, and attention. Reddit users couldn’t help but swoon over Alice’s love for Lundin, leaving comments like “Awh pure love” and “That’s real love.”

One user wrote, “She just can’t believe how lucky she is to have you as her human,” while another said, “She’s making sure you’re having a good time too!”