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Happy Tears

Adorable Pooch Wows Rehab and Lands Dream Home!



Quick Smiles:

  • Neo, a dog who endured over a year in a shelter and an animal abuse trial, defies the odds and adapts to a new life.
  • Ali Paepke, the Manager for the Life-Saving Program at Best Friends Pet Resource Center, was totally captivated by Neo’s immediate trust and affection.
  • After being fostered by Linda Songbird, Neo quickly found his forever home, proving that everyone deserves a second chance.

When Ali Paepke first met Neo, she didn’t have high hopes for the black-spotted, white pooch. Neo had spent over 450 days in a shelter, entangled in an animal abuse trial. Such circumstances often lead to animals that are challenging, if not impossible, to reintegrate into a peaceful domestic life.

But boy, did Neo surprise her! The moment she laid eyes on him, Paepke, who is the Manager for the Life-Saving Program at Best Friends Pet Resource Center, was totally taken aback.

She said, “To meet a dog who had been through all of that who just immediately trusted you and immediately wanted attention from you was just mind-blowing… Neo was that one that I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re making a difference.’”

Despite his traumatic past, Neo wasn’t just another statistic. He was a beacon of resilience and hope. Soon after arriving at Best Friends’ location in Central Arkansas, the prospect of a forever home became a reality.

Enter Linda Songbird, Neo’s foster mom. It took less than a day for Neo to win over Linda’s heart, proving he was more than ready for a lifetime of companionship.

Linda couldn’t help but gush about Neo, saying, “It makes your life worthwhile. And he’s wonderful. He’s there as soon as you come in. He’s right at the door. Happy to see you!”


Neo’s story is a beautiful reminder that everyone, even our four-legged friends, deserves a fair shake and a second chance. So let’s raise a paw for Neo, who held on against all odds to find his calm, loving home.