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Amazon Delivery Man Has An Unexpected “Canine” Visitor Approach His Truck [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Amazon driver Erik anticipated a dog approaching his truck, only to discover a friendly goat instead.
  • The comedic encounter saw the goat climb onto the truck and affectionately greet Erik, much to his amusement.
  • Despite the unexpected twist, Erik hopes for another heartwarming rendezvous with the jovial goat in the future.

Working as an Amazon delivery driver, Erik has seen his fair share of eager pets awaiting their family’s packages. Canines frequently greet him, each wagging tail a testament to the varied households he services. But, on this specific day, Erik’s encounter was anything but ordinary.

As he saw a furry figure approaching his truck, Erik anticipated a canine welcoming party. He wondered if it might be a new dog he hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting before. However, as the figure drew closer, it became evident that this wasn’t a canine at all.

Standing by the truck’s door was not a dog, but a goat.


Saw this weird looking dog on my route today… #dogsoftiktok #amazon ♬ original sound – erikdtrick

The following moments were a humorous standoff, with both Erik and the goat gauging each other. But, in a delightful twist, the goat hopped onto the truck, welcoming Erik with the same enthusiasm any dog would’ve shown. Amidst chuckles, Erik captured this memorable incident.

“I can’t believe this; it’s so comical,” Erik can be heard saying in the footage he took.



Replying to @Jane Doe lol i found its home before i left ♬ original sound – erikdtrick

The affable goat didn’t stop at the warm reception. It also hopped up to Erik, playfully sticking out its tongue. The bell on its collar and the leash it wore suggested that this goat was no stranger to such escapades. A TikTok user, familiar with goats, humorously pointed out, “[T]hat bell means he’s the problem goat.”

Thanks to the leash, Erik managed to lead the mischievous goat back to its residence, relieved that it wasn’t a persistent dog, a scenario he had faced previously.


Replying to @spook-the-shark they get a little comfy sometimes ♬ original sound – erikdtrick


While the day had commenced as any other, Erik left with a wish in his heart – that he’d cross paths with this comical goat once again.