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Blind Elderly Chihuahua Finds a Forever Home



Quick Smiles:

  • Chloe Sue, a 16-year-old blind chihuahua who was surrendered to a rescue center, found her forever home with Pam and Michael Haywood.
  • The Haywoods, who previously rescued over 200 dogs, live on a 50-foot sailboat named H2odogs, an environment they deemed perfect for Chloe Sue.
  • After a challenging journey home, Chloe Sue is now enjoying her new life alongside her canine friend, Edward, under the loving care of the Haywoods.

A bittersweet tale of abandonment has found its happy ending for one senior chihuahua named Chloe Sue, who was surrendered to Ninna’s Road to Rescue in Louisiana.

At 16 years old, equivalent to approximately 85 human years, and blind, her plight tugged at the heartstrings of countless animal lovers across the country.

Fortunately, one Newsweek reader stepped in to give Chloe Sue the forever home she deserves.

Ninna, from the rescue center, revealed Chloe Sue’s story last week to Newsweek, detailing how the senior dog was still searching for a home.

The response was overwhelmingly supportive, with numerous inquiries about adopting Chloe Sue leading the rescue center to close applications within a day.

Among the flood of applications was one from Pam and Michael Haywood from Virginia.

In the early hours of the morning, the couple stumbled across Chloe Sue’s story and couldn’t resist stepping in to help.


“A blind 16-year-old dog being surrendered to a shelter put tears in our eyes and tugged at our hearts,” Pam Haywood told Newsweek.

The Haywoods are no strangers to animal rescue, having saved over 200 dogs while owning a farm in Tennessee.

Their experience with a blind puppy named Isaac reassured them that they could provide Chloe Sue with the care she needed.

Now living on a 50-foot sailboat named H2odogs, the couple believed their living situation would be ideal for the small, elderly canine.

After a thorough discussion of their experience and living arrangements, as well as a glowing reference from their vet, the Haywoods were approved to adopt Chloe Sue.

Michael, having recently undergone back surgery, undertook the 18-hour journey alone to collect their new family member.


Although the trip home was challenging for the small chihuahua, Chloe Sue eventually settled down, drinking a bowl of water and eating some food at a hotel stop.

After a long journey, she finally arrived at her forever home.

Now weighing just 4 pounds, Chloe Sue is living her golden years in bliss with the Haywoods and her new canine buddy, Edward.

“Chloe’s misery has ended,” said Haywood.

“We will love her with all of our being for the rest of her life.”