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Brave Pup Survives Rattlesnake Bite & Delivers 7 Adorable Babies!



Quick Smiles:

  • Brave dog Molly survives rattlesnake bite and gives birth to seven puppies.
  • Molly and her “Minions” are recovering at the Arizona Humane Society’s trauma hospital.
  • Rescuers are working to build trust with Molly and find forever homes for her and her pups.

A courageous dog in Arizona has overcome a deadly snakebite and given birth to a litter of seven puppies. Kelsey Dickerson, a spokesperson for the Arizona Humane Society, said, “Her story is absolutely incredible. It is definitely one of strength.”

Molly, a pregnant and homeless cattle dog mix, was bitten by a rattlesnake and brought to an emergency animal clinic in Phoenix by a kind-hearted stranger. The one-year-old pup received anti-venom treatment and immediately went into labor, delivering three puppies.

Rescuers then transported Molly and her newborns to the Arizona Humane Society’s trauma hospital. During the journey, Molly gave birth to two more puppies in the pet ambulance. Once at the hospital, the brave mama and her litter of five were medically examined and settled into the organization’s “mutternity suites,” where Molly delivered her final two puppies.

Molly and her litter are all doing well, and the former stray is gradually learning to trust her rescuers. “She has been through a lot, of course, (and) is pretty protective of her puppies,” Dickerson said. “So, she’s a bit wary of people. But our amazing behavior team has been working with her every day to be able to help instill that trust within her and let her know that she’s in a safe space.”

The family of eight, affectionately nicknamed “Molly and her Minions,” will continue to receive care at the animal hospital until they can be placed in a foster home. The Arizona Humane Society aims to keep mother dogs and puppies together for six weeks, until the pups can eat independently. After this initial joint fostering period, Molly and her puppies will be fostered separately and eventually find their forever homes.

Describing Molly as an “incredible mama,” Dickerson said she will “make someone an absolutely wonderful pet in the future.” She added, “Once she’s done raising her babies, it’s time for her to be a baby in someone’s home.”