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Bulldog’s Hilarious Couch Tumble Caught on Video



Quick Smiles:

  • Two English bulldogs, Bentley and Finn, are known for their playful antics at their Houston, Texas home.
  • Finn, the clumsier of the two, takes a dramatic tumble off the couch during a play session, captured perfectly on the home security camera.
  • The hilarious video of Finn’s fall has gone viral on TikTok, garnering over 3.4 million views and 411,200 likes.

The way he missed that part of the couch completely 🤣 hes fine 😂 #englishbulldog #caughtoncamera #furbo #bulldog

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Natalee Adams, a resident of Houston, Texas, is no stranger to the playful antics of her two English bulldogs, Bentley and Finn. Their bouts of energy and commotion are a regular part of her household. However, a recent incident involving a couch, a tumble, and a perfectly styled recovery has left her, and the internet, in stitches.

The unfortunate event unfolded when Bentley and Finn decided to have a sparring match on the couch. The result was a dramatic tumble for Finn, the 3-year-old bulldog. But in true Finn fashion, he styled it out perfectly, hoping no one would notice his clumsy fall.

Adams, who witnessed the incident, said, “he’s pretty clumsy.” But this particular tumble was memorable, leaving her in fits of laughter.

The hilarious incident was caught on their home security camera, and Adams couldn’t resist sharing it on her TikTok account (@bentleyandfinn). Since being posted on March 19, the video has been viewed more than 3.4 million times and has received over 411,200 likes.


“Before he fell, Finn was playing with his big brother, Bentley, and he got a bit of zoomies, which meant that he missed the couch completely while trying to walk over to us. There were no injuries or anything as he’s pretty solid, so he’s doing well,” Adams shared.

“But we couldn’t help but laugh at him afterward, and I think he got embarrassed by what happened.”

Adams regularly shares Bentley and Finn’s antics with her followers, but the response to this video took her by surprise. Finn, dubbed by his owner as “one of the clumsiest dogs,” has won over many new admirers on social media since the video went viral.

Unfortunately for Finn, there was no hiding his fall, and the video has generated much laughter at his expense. Adams was quick to assure viewers that “he’s fine,” and it was only his pride that took a hit.


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