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Businessman Offers Job To Thief Instead of Involving Police



  • A businessman finds his restaurant door shattered and a bag of cash stolen.
  • Instead of calling the police, he posted pictures of the door and CCTV footage on Facebook and offered the man to apply for a job.
  • His post has gone viral and people praised him for his compassion.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for life. 

This may be what a restaurant owner in the USA was thinking when he found out that his restaurant was robbed.  Instead of filing a case against the burglar, he offered him a job.

As Carl Wallace, owner of Diablo’s Southwest Grill restaurant in Augusta, Georgia, set out to open his restaurant, he noticed that his glass door was broken.  He then checked his CCTV and found out that someone indeed shattered the glass and stole a bag of cash.

Of course, his initial action was to be angry and frustrated but then he felt sorry for the person.  And instead, had a change of heart.

Our burritos are such a smash hit we’ve got people breaking in at 4am for their fix. So if ya see our door looking…Posted by Diablo’s Southwest Grill on Saturday, 3 April 2021

So, instead of fuming and calling the police, Wallace posted pictures of the smashed glass and footage from the CCTV on his Facebook.

In his post he joked that his burritos must be really good for people to resort to “breaking in at 4 am for their fix”. And instead of the usual expletives from an irate shop owner who’s been robbed, he asked the burglar who must be “clearly struggling with life decisions or having money issues”, to “swing by for a job application.”

Wallace then went on to say that instead of the path that the robber has chosen, it might be better if he applies to him instead.  He also promised not to ask questions or involve the police.

Photo Credit: Diablo’s Southwest Grill (Facebook)

This act of compassion has earned his post 4.3k likes, 4.8k re-shares, with more than 700 comments.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry has been struggling to keep afloat.  Some have been forced to shut down and most of its workers have lost their jobs.  Wallace’s gesture contributed much to the post going viral as people praised him for his kindness, melting their hearts and serving as an inspiration.

Source: News 18