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Cabinet Racket Reveals a Surprise 4-Legged Guest



Quick Smiles:

  • Loki the cat is a master of mischief and has a knack for breaking into food cabinets.
  • Despite having a plethora of toys, Loki is more intrigued by the shiny, crinkly, and tasty objects in the kitchen.
  • Loki’s antics are a daily occurrence, and his parents have given up on trying to keep him out of closed spaces.

Meet Loki, the cat with a knack for mischief and a penchant for late-night snack raids. This isn’t Loki’s first rodeo. His human, Demarco, would love a full night’s sleep, but Loki’s antics are too hilarious to ignore. As Demarco quipped on Instagram, “No one looks more proud of themselves than my cat while he’s committing larceny.”

Loki has a mountain of toys to share with his brother, but it’s the kitchen that truly captures his attention. He’s drawn to anything that shines, crinkles, or tastes delicious to his parents. Loki goes wild over a single potato, but he’s not picky. From pizza to tortillas, he’s game for any food he can get his paws on.

Despite their best efforts, Loki’s parents can’t keep him out of closed spaces. “There was a hair tie holding the cabinets shut,” Demarco shared, hinting at Loki’s impressive problem-solving skills.


the moment he realizes he was caught😆

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Loki’s kitchen adventures have become a near-daily event. But here’s the twist: Loki isn’t in it for the food. He just loves the thrill of the chase. As Demarco explained, “He just likes stealing things he knows he’s not supposed to steal.”

Loki keeps his parents on their toes with his daily surprises, and there’s no sign he’ll be slowing down anytime soon. But that’s what makes Loki so special. As Demarco proudly declared, “[He’s] the most chaotic cat on the internet.”


Keep up with Loki’s hilarious antics. Who knows what he’ll get up to next?