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Caring Cats Guard Sleeping Owner And Perform “Feline CPR”



Quick Smiles:

  • Six caring cats watch over their owner during deep sleep
  • Adorable feline “CPR” caught on camera
  • TikTok video showcases the love and loyalty of cats

Imagine falling into a deep sleep and waking up to find not one, not two, but six adorable cats watching over you! That’s exactly what happened to TikTok user @catsoftiktok_romina6cats. Although this doesn’t happen often, her cats seemed concerned on the few occasions she fell into a deep slumber.

“My poor cats were worried and stayed with me like this until I woke up,” the text on her January 23 TikTok video reads. The camera captured her furry friends sitting on her and by her side, ensuring she was okay. One even took matters into its own paws and started making biscuits, which some viewers thought looked like a cat’s version of CPR!


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These cautious kitties just wanted to make sure nothing happened to their beloved food supplier. The owner told Newsweek that waking up to the cats so close didn’t scare her at all. “I was confused as they don’t sleep on me like that,” she said. “I’m used to having my cats all around me whilst I sleep. Most times, one of them especially wakes me up.”

One of her cats even likes to wake her up in the middle of the night for a snuggle session. The heartening video has garnered nearly 370,000 views, with viewers amazed by the love and loyalty these cats displayed. “Aww the one was doing CPR while the other checked for the heartbeat,” commented one TikTok user.

Others shared similar experiences with their own cats. “My cats did this when I was sleeping while having a nightmare and can’t move my body. I woke up and they were all over me,” wrote one viewer. Another joked that their five cats do this when they’re hungry, pretending to be casual until their owner moves and then sprinting downstairs.


Whatever their reasons, these cats certainly know how to bring a smile to our faces.