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Cat Accidentally Collects Donations for Strays While Lounging on Sidewalk



Quick Smiles:

  • A crowd gathered on Alanya’s sidewalk, mesmerized by Tarik, a cat lounging with his belly up.
  • Tarik isn’t just any cat; he’s the beloved pet of a local jewelry store and has a penchant for public lounging!
  • The adorable feline’s impromptu fundraiser resulted in a feast for his fellow stray friends.

Every so often, there’s a heartwarming sight that just can’t be ignored, and on a busy day in Alanya, Turkey, that was precisely the case.

While the bustling streets usually see their share of excitement, it was the allure of an adorable feline that caught everyone’s attention this time.

At the heart of it all was Tarik—a cat that knows a thing or two about relaxation. Tarik decided the middle of the sidewalk was the perfect spot to lay back and soak in the adoration. With his fluffy belly towards the sky, he didn’t have to do much to win over the crowd.

Some couldn’t help but smile, others bent down for a gentle pet, and a few even generously left some money—perhaps as a tribute to his charming presence.

But was Tarik a stray soaking up some unexpected love? Not at all!


In a delightful twist, Tarik happens to be the official feline representative of Golden Eye Jewellery, a store located just a whisker away from his lounging spot.

Ender, the store’s spokesperson, shared Tarik’s heartwarming backstory.

“He was very weak and sick when he came to us two years ago. But now, as anyone can see, he’s grown into a plump, lazy, and utterly sweet cat.”

Tarik’s love for attention is no secret. He’s often seen lounging in front of the store, practically inviting the passersby for a quick scratch or rub. Ender was pleasantly surprised to find out that Tarik’s recent outdoor escapade had led to a small collection of money.

Being the kind-hearted individual he is, Ender used the funds to treat Tarik’s stray friends to a delightful meal. Their aim? To increase love and attention towards stray animals.

And it seems Tarik, with his easy-going charm, has already made a significant contribution.


As Ender fondly says, “We love cats.”

Clearly, Tarik’s fans in Alanya feel the same!