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Cat Patiently Waiting at Doorbell Goes Viral



Quick Smiles:

  • Clever cat caught on doorbell camera waiting to be let in
  • Over 623,900 views, 75,100 likes, and 391 comments on TikTok
  • Viewers sympathize with the cat’s impatience and demand he be let inside

A resourceful feline was hilariously captured on a doorbell camera, patiently waiting to be let inside its home. The TikTok video, shared on January 25 by @terrijaneannskinn, shows the cat getting up close and personal with the camera, while also keeping an eye out for any followers.

As the lights turned off and no one answered the door, the cat’s worry became more evident. Staring into the camera with big, serious eyes, the cat seemed to think the wait was inexcusable – and viewers agreed. The video’s caption asks, “Does anyone else’s cat sit at the Ring doorbell waiting to be let in?”


Dose anyone else cat sit at the ring door bell waiting to be let in, found it way to funny when the light went out #cat#cattiktok#fyp#foryoupage#funnycatvideo#catlover

♬ original sound – Terri Jane Ann Skinner

This polite kitty didn’t resort to annoying, constant meows. Instead, it looked deep into the camera’s soul, as if to say that it was time for the household to let him in. By Monday, the clip had garnered over 623,900 views, 75,100 likes, and 391 comments, with people both laughing and urging the cat’s owners to open the door.

One user commented on the cat’s side-eye, noting that it was clearly over waiting. Viewers even noticed tears forming in the cat’s eyes, with one saying, “He is getting emotional because nobody is answering the door.” Another added, “Let him in! He’s on the verge of crying.”